Job: SMA Webmaster

Job Description: The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) is seeking a webmaster to coordinate and maintain and assorted technologies. The SMA Webmaster oversees and maintains SMA’s online and technical presence, updates content when necessary, and assists the Society with technical and administrative duties. The webmaster serves at the pleasure of the board, and his/her primary responsibilities include posting content to the website (e.g. news, jobs, CFPs, announcements, etc.), maintaining and updating content on the site, maintaining back end structures, coordinating email accounts, and providing answers to posted queries that originate from the webmaster email account. (The AAA webmaster is available to provide both general and back-end support to the SMA webmaster, if/as needed).

Periodically, the SMA webmaster engages in reviews of the site (sometimes with the assistance of a willing board member or the board member assigned to particular content, such as prize information), to ensure that all content is as up to date as possible, and on occasion, the webmaster will be required to perform a dramatic site overhaul to ensure that the layout/content of the site remains fresh, and the navigation remains intuitive, or at least manageable. It should be noted that it is not the responsibility of the webmaster to track down changes and updates from sub-groups associated with the SMA website, e.g. SIGs: the SIG liaison provides the webmaster with such updates. Similarly the webmaster does not administer SIG websites but is encouraged to interface with SIGs as needed (and within reason) to assist them in cultivating their web presence and providing technical assistance should they request/require it.

The webmaster should have a working knowledge of:

  • Backroom administration for domains and hosting
  • Content management systems, especially WordPress, and if possible, preferred knowledge of HTML and CSS, and SSH
  • Basic graphic design and image editing using Adobe Photoshop or similar software
  • Google Administration, Webmaster and Analytic Tools
  • Cloud accounts such as DropBox, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter
  • Site/user privacy and security practices
  • Technical and design best principles
  • Dynamic design for multiple platforms or technologies
  • Ability to research, learn or report on new tools and technologies

Primary Webmaster duties include:

  • Attend Annual Board Meeting at AAA and other meetings when appropriate
  • Updating content of the SMA website as needed
  • Optimizing of SMA website
  • Providing technical support for the Section Interest Group (SIG) chairs and webmasters
  • Administration of SMA email accounts (webmaster, SMA Board, SIG emails and others that end with[1]) and WordPress accounts (administrators’ password management)
  • Management of Google Webmaster Tools, Administration, and Analytics
  • Effectively communicating with host to address issues and concerns as they arise
  • Coordinate online efforts with Newsletter/Social Media Editor/Board members, among others
  • Coordinate tasks with the AAA Webmaster
  • Coordinate Amazon Associates and SMILE accounts and links
  • Other duties as assigned

Regular Administrative duties include:

  • Checking SMA public email account ( regularly and answer questions directly or refer the individual to the appropriate source
  • Updating the SMA Announcements
  • Completing SMA webmaster tasks, as outlined in the operations manual
  • Serving on SMA Communication Committee and other committees, when appropriate
  • Coordinating site/host billing with the SMA treasurer
  • Presenting written and verbal Webmaster Reports at SMA Board and Membership meetings, as necessary
  • Tracking Time/Tasks as necessary
  • Submitting invoices quarterly
  • Other administrative duties as assigned

Stipend: This position pays a stipend of $2,500, paid in quarterly payments, as well a travel stipend of $1,000 to attend the yearly board meeting at AAA.

Term: The SMA Webmaster position is held for two years, with the possibility of renewal. Term begins and ends at the yearly AAA Meetings.

To Apply: By July 1, 2017, email Dr. Sean Bruna, SMA Webmaster at (subject: “SMA Webmaster Position”) with a resume or curriculum vitae and a cover letter expressing interest, qualifications, and links to previous/current websites managed.

SMA is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against persons on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and expression, marital status, age, disability, pregnancy, medical condition, or covered veteran status.

[1] This does not include H-MedAnthro, a listserv administered by H-Net.

PDF Download:  SMA Webmaster Job Description