Understanding and responding to the Zika crisis from an anthropological perspective

On April 29, 2016, the Society for Medical Anthropology in conjunction with the American Anthropological Association sponsored this webinar put on by the Zika TIG group. This webinar focused on a broad range of issues surrounding the Zika epidemic. Topics covered include disease ecology/biology of the Zika virus and principal mosquito vector, sociocultural dimensions of risk including poverty and pregnancy, and current response efforts. A large portion of the time was spent on interactive discussion. As a field, anthropologists have a lot to offer in terms of rapid and effective response to this virus.

Resources mentioned in this webinar:
SMA Zika Temporary Interest Group (TIG) Facebook Page

World Health Organization Risk Communication the context of Zika virus (English, Spanish, and Portuguese editions available)

Zika, the film by Vozes da Igualdade