Call for SMA Listserv and Communities Manager, Dec 2023

The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) is looking for a new Listserv and Communities Manager who will play a key role in the SMA’s communications initiatives working closely with the SMA President P. Sean Brotherton, Communications Committee Chair William Lucas, Webmaster Lauren Belong, and Digital Communications Manager Anika Jugovic-Spajic. The SMA Listserv and Communities Manager receives an annual stipend of $2,000. The duties of the Listserv and Communities Manager are to:

  • Receive materials from SMA officers, At-Large Board Members, Ex-Officio Board members, SIG chairs, staff, volunteers, SMA members, and others for possible posting.
  • Vet materials for their suitability and their relevance to SMA and medical anthropology, consulting with the Communications Committee Chair when in doubt.
  • Post approved materials on both the SMA Listserv and SMA Communities message board.
  • Coordinate with the Webmaster and Digital Communications Manager when cross-posting seems advisable.
  • Bring any problems arising with either the Listserv or Communities to the attention of the Communications Committee Chair.
  • Submit an annual report and assist the Communications Committee Chair with information relevant to devising the Communications Committee’s report.
  • Participate at Business and Board Meetings (in person or remotely) in order to respond to questions regarding the Listserv and Communities.

The SMA Listserv and Communities Manager role is well-suited for candidates enrolled in graduate study programs with a focus on medical anthropology. If you are interested, please send an email with a short motivation as well as a short description of your current work to Communications Committee Chair William Lucas by 22 December 2023.