Call for papers: Special issue on trans medicine

Call For Papers in a special issue of Social Science & Medicine, “Unequal Care: Trans Medicine and Health in Dangerous Times” 

Deadline: September 1, 2023 

For the full call:  

Overview: Transgender medicine and healthcare is a field of that has provoked great interest among social scientists in recent years. This area of study cross-cuts a vast array of disciplines, draws on the intersection of gender, race, class, ability, and immigration status, and is (simultaneously) developing into a political minefield for legal, educational, medical, and pharmaceutical industries. Tied to the study of trans medicine, health, and healthcare are substantive areas in the social study of medicine, including: science and technology studies, health inequalities, medical education, professions and organizations, reproductive justice, knowledge production, and culture. This special issue will include innovative empirical research on transgender medicine and healthcare during a moment of hyper-visibility and dangerous times and is shaped by the overarching irreverent though apt question: What the hell is wrong with trans medicine and healthcare how can we fix it? 

We welcome submissions on a wide range of topics related to: 1) emergent intersectional inequalities in trans medicine, health, and healthcare; 2) socialization and medical training for providers of trans medicine and healthcare; 3) centering patient experiences and embodied knowledge; and 4) the social, political, and legal construction of health, healthcare, medical knowledge, practices, and culture in trans medicine, health, and healthcare. 

We are seeking empirical or theoretical papers from social scientists across a wide array of disciplines. We particularly welcome submissions that explore these issue