SMA Award Winners 2023


2023 SMA Award winners

New Millennium Book Award

Whiteout: How Racial Capitalism Changed the Color of Opioids in America

Helena Hansen, Jules Netherland, and David Herzberg


Eileen Basker Memorial Prize

Weighing the Future: Race Science and Pregnancy Trials in the Postgenomic Era

Natali Valdez


Eileen Basker Memorial Prize honorable mention

Partial Stories: Maternal Death from Six Angles

Claire Wendland

The Leah M. Ashe Prize for the Anthropology of Medically–Induced Harm

Hooyer, Katinka (2022), “The trauma pitch: how stigma emerges for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans seeking disability compensation”, PLoS One 17(8): e0267424


The Steven Polgar Professional Paper Competition

Sadruddin, Aalyia Feroz Ali (2022), “Death in an Ordinary Time: Reflections from Rwanda”, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 36(2), 198-216.


Hazel Weidman Award for Exemplary Service

Professor Marcia Inhorn


SMA Dissertation Award

Practicing Gender: The Meanings and Uses of Gender Affirming Care for Youth in the United States

Paula Martin

Rivers Paper Prize

“Gifted Care: Reconfiguring HIV/AIDS Caregiving in the Post-Treatment Era”

Sumin Yoon


Carole H. Browner Graduate Student Mentorship Award

Professor Jennifer Hirsch

Carole H. Browner Undergraduate Student Mentorship Award

Associate Professor Bharat Jayram Venkat

Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards & Prizes

Alcohol Drugs and Tobacco

Graduate Student Paper Prize: Alex Rewegan

Graduate Student Travel Award: Sugandh Gupta

Anthropology and Mental Health

AMHIG Graduate Student Paper Award: Brittany Franck

Anthropological Responses in Health Emergencies

ARHE Policy Brief Professional Award: Dr. Magdalena Stawkowski

ARHE Policy Brief Student Award: Taylor J. Arnold

Council on Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR)

Edited Collection Prize: Birth in Eight Cultures, Robbie Davis-Floyd & Melissa Cheyney (eds)

Monograph Prize: Partial Stories: Maternal Death from Six Angles, Claire Wendland

Monograph Prize honorable mentions: Becoming Gods: Medical Training in Mexican Hospitals, Vania Smith-Oka, Lawful Sins: Abortion Rights and Reproductive Governance in Mexico, Elyse Ona Singer & Cancer and the Kali Yuga: Gender, Inequality, and Health in South India, Cecilia Coale Van Hollen

Paper Prize: Alyssa Basmajian

Disability Research Interest Group (DRIG)

Essay Prize: Rachel Parks

Dying and Bereavement

Emerging Scholar Award: Katrina Fuller

Research on US Health and Healthcare (RUSH)

Student Paper Prize: Alyssa Basmajian

Student Paper Prize honorable mention: Yuki X. Chen

Critical Anthropology of Global Health (CAGH) Rudolf Virchow Awards

Professional category: Mayssa Rekhis & Jennifer Syvertsen

Graduate category: Brianna Simmons

Undergraduate category: Sarah Brown

Contingent Faculty Travel Award

“Social sufferings across the Nepal-India border; Fortification and marginality in the mist of COVID-19”

Dr. Sachin Ghimire

“Transnational Care Collectives: Digital technologies in remote elder care”

Dr. Tanja Ahlin

Undergraduate Student Travel Award

Julia Kwak (Emory University)

Cody Nelson (Emory University)

Graduate Student Travel Award

Faith Cole (University of California Los Angeles)

Jorge Molinas Aguilar (University of Don Bosco, El Salvador)

Taylor Silverman (University of California, Irvine)

Mallika Kodati (University of North Texas)

Aaron Su (Princeton University)