Medical anthropology weekly: COVID-19

Issue 3: May 13-19

Compiled by Eugene Raikhel and Wahid Al Mamun

“Medical anthropology weekly: COVID-19” is a weekly compilation of COVID-19-related materials across text, audio, and video formats focused on medical anthropology and neighboring disciplines. The project is a collaboration between Society for Medical Anthropology, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, and Somatosphere. Each is cross-posted on all three websites and distributed over multiple channels.

If you’d like to suggest a piece to be listed in an upcoming issue, please add it to this public spreadsheet. Please email your questions to

Special issues and forums

Ongoing series


The social and human sciences and the pandemic

 Politics of life, death, and health

Governance, preparedness, and public health

Clinical encounters and infrastructures

Structural violence, inequality, and vulnerability

Outbreak narratives, racism, and disease stigma

Representations of disease and intervention

Mental health and the public life of pandemic feelings

From health communications to conspiracy theories

Distancing, sociality and solidarity


Migration and borders

Everyday life under quarantine and after

Historical perspectives

Environment, the Anthropocene, and post-human perspectives

Learning, teaching, and research