Medical anthropology weekly: COVID-19

Issue 1: mid-April – May 4

Compiled by Eugene Raikhel

In an effort to highlight the vital perspectives of medical anthropology and neighboring disciplines, as well as to help manage the volume of material being published online, the Society for Medical Anthropology, Medical Anthropology Quarterly, and Somatosphere are collaborating to publish a weekly compilation of COVID-19-related materials across text, audio, and video formats. Each issue of “Medical anthropology weekly: COVID-19” will consist of a list of pieces published roughly over the past week, grouped thematically and including keywords for easy searching. In this first issue, we’ve also included a list of ongoing series and resource sites. Each issue will also be published on the SMA, MAQ, and Somatosphere sites and distributed over multiple channels.

If you’d like to suggest a piece to be listed in an upcoming issue, please add it to this public spreadsheet. Please email your questions to



The social and human sciences and the pandemic

Politics of life and death

Clinical experiences, interventions, and healthcare infrastructures

Structural violence, racism, and social determinants of health

Public health and governance

Expertise, uncertainty, skepticism, and epidemiological models

Mental health and social health

 Environment and the Anthropocene

 Precarity, labor, and care

 Everyday life under quarantine and after


Teaching and Learning