Call for SMA Anthropology News Liaison and Co-editor 

The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) is seeking an Anthropology News (AN) Liaison responsible for soliciting, editing, and uploading quarterly columns for the SMA Section News portion of the AN website. AN is a publication of the American Anthropological Association and an award-winning member magazine for people interested in anthropology. 

This opportunity is well-suited for two co-liaisons with broad knowledge of medical anthropology research and theory and strong writing and editorial skills. Through active engagement with SMA members, affiliates, and global networks, AN Liaisons can play a pivotal role in promoting and amplifying all areas of medical anthropology and health-related disciplines, including public health, nursing, and clinical practice. The AN co-editor will play a key role in SMA’s communications initiatives, working closely with SMA President P. Sean Brotherton, Communications Committee Chair William Lucas, the SMA Webmaster, Digital Communications Manager Anika Jugovic-Spajic, and Listserv Manager Deven Gray. 

The SMA/AN Liaison is responsible for the following:

  • Solicit and follow up with prospective AN authors.
  • Vet materials for their suitability and relevance to medical anthropology.
  • Meet Anthropology News quarterly submission deadlines. 
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the co-editor to complete all relevant editing tasks. 
  • Regularly liaise between the SMA and the AAA Anthropology News editor.
  • Provide updates and suggestions to the Communications Committee regarding activities the Chair can include in the SMA annual report.
  • Participate at Business and Board Meetings (in person or remotely) to respond to questions regarding AN and SMA communication. 

The SMA AN co-editor role is ideal for medical anthropologists, within or outside the academic sphere, as well as advanced graduate students or postdocs. If you are interested, please email Communications Committee Chair William Lucas by 21 June 2024 with a short statement of motivation and a brief description of your current work.