How to Join

AARG welcomes you to join our organization. Membership is open to all interested individuals who are keen to learn more about anthropological approaches for understanding and addressing HIV/AIDS. We welcome both students and those who have completed their education. To join AARG, please contact our Membership Officer, Charlotte Noble, at In the future, the Our Membership section of this webpage will serve as a portal to join AARG through an on-line registration form and will also include a database of our membership.

All AARG members receive an electronic version of the AIDS and Anthropology Newsletter. We welcome members to submit articles for our newsletter. We also invite you to participate in our discussions on the AARG email listserv. The listserv provides a speedy and effective way for members to discuss important issues and share insights. When you contact Charlotte Noble to join AARG, let her know whether or not you would like to be added to the email discussion list. AARGs listserv is managed by Alex Rödlach at

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