SMA asks, what is medical anthropology?  

SMA’s “What is medical anthropology?” page is our most visited page on the site, year after year.

While this page is thorough and informative, we are looking to breath fresh life into it. We are asking medical anthropologists from all walks of life to provide their personal answer to this important question in video format. We will compile a video collage of the best clips to add to our “What is medical anthropology?” page.

In order of your video to be considered please email your video in your highest quality format to

We would also like to use this as an opportunity to raise awareness of medical anthropology and its contributions.  If you are on social media, then please consider sharing your video clip through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. When you share your video on social media please use #medicalanthropology. If you are on Twitter, then please tweet the video to us by include SMA’s official twitter handle @socmedanthro in your tweet. If you are on Facebook, then please feel free to share your videos on our Facebook page.

Please share what medical anthropology means to you!