Virtual Transdisciplinary Conference on Diversifying Genomic Research

Hosted by the  University of North Texas

We are pleased to announce that REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN (No fee)  for the November 20-21, 2020 Virtual UNT Transdisciplinary Conference on Diversifying Genomic Research is now open.  This Inaugural two-day Conference will be the first in a series of 3 annual meetings, which bring together leaders in the fields of ancestral genomics & genetics, biology, medicine, evolutionary history, nutrition and other relevant fields as they relate to sharing the benefits of new genomic research with underrepresented populations.

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The November 2020 meeting will focus on those African-American health disparities that may be linked to  the translocation of an ethnic population’s ancestral gene variants from their original ecological environment to the uniquely different ecology of the United States.  New theoretical models will be developed to lend insights into what are generally labeled “paradoxes” in the medical literature, relating to six disease susceptibilities in African-Americans of slave descent: Hypertension, Kidney failure, Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Triple Negative Breast Cancer, Type II Diabetes and Obesity.