SIG Membership Drive: Deadline December 15

**December 15th Deadline**

We would like to alert you to recent changes in our membership policy and procedures for Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) supports SIGs as an important part of strengthening communication and collaboration among scholars based on topical interests. In an effort to promote and streamline SIG membership, a single membership
was created.

The form is available through December 15th. The form is very brief and will be used to establish memberships in all the SIGs. We ask that all SMA members who would like to be part of a SIG(s) fill out this form whether you are currently a member of a SIG(s) or not. If you do not fill out the form by December 15th, you may be removed from (or not added to) your SIG(s)’ roster. You will only need to fill out this form once per year.
Please direct any questions/comments to Elizabeth Wirtz. This is our first year trying this new membership system. Your input is important so please reach out to me if you have feedback.

You can find the form here OR copy and paste the following into your browser: