May 5th Weekly Update on Emergency Grant Contributions

Dear colleagues,

The Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) is currently accepting applications for its Emergency Grant Program. The purpose of the program is to support medical anthropologists whose work has been disrupted by COVID-19 with $500 grants. The application deadline is May 10. To learn if you are eligible or to apply to the SMA Emergency Grant Program, click here.

So far we have raised $2540 from SMA member donations to support the Emergency Grant Program. Thank you to all who have donated! This is in addition to the $10,000 in SMA funds that the Board allocated for the grants. We are all living in conditions of increased uncertainty, but if you are able to donate to support fellow medical anthropologists, we encourage you to do so. Your tax-deductible donation will support our members during this challenging time and will help ensure a more vibrant future for medical anthropology.  The SMA is committed to using all donations to the general fund in support of the emergency grants. To donate to the SMA general fund, click here.




Jessica Mulligan

SMA Treasurer

Associate Professor of Health Policy & Management, Providence College