Dental Anthropology Position at the National Research Center on Human Evolution

National Research Center on Human Evolution (CENIEH), in Burgos (Spain).

CENIEH is a scientific and technical infrastructure opened to the use of the scientific and technological community, that facilitates research into the field of Human Evolution during Pliocene and Pleistocene eras, promoting awareness and transfer of knowledge to society as well as supporting collaboration with excavations at archaeological sites form these periods, both in Spain and in other parts of the world. Besides, CENIEH is also responsible for the conservation, restoration, management and record of palaeontological collections from the excavations at Atapuerca and other sites, both nationally and internationally, with similar characteristics that reach agreements with the Center. CENIEH is the only infrastructure contained in the Map of Unique Scientific and Technical infrastructure (ICTS) in the field of Humanities.

CENIEH is launching a permanent position for a “Researcher in Dental Anthropology”.

For further information about the post or selection process, documentation required, evaluation criteria, phases of the process and how to apply, please visit their website: Applications may be submitted at any time up to February 29, 2020 inclusive.