Culture and Community Health in Oaxaca, Mexico

Culture and Community Health in Oaxaca, Mexico
A Global Service Learning Program from Rutgers University

The Culture and Community Health in Oaxaca, Mexico program aims to expand awareness of health issues in Oaxaca and among the Mexican immigrant community in New Jersey and nationally. Students participate in a weekly seminar on the medical anthropology of Mexico, a course in medical Spanish, an integrative seminar linking community service with course readings, and cultural excursions to archaeological sites and craft communities. In addition, students spend 3 half days a week providing community service in a variety of public health settings in Oaxaca. Students leave the program with a deeper understanding of the connections between social and cultural factors and health.

The program is led by Professor Peter Guarnaccia, a medical anthropologist and professor at Rutgers University for 30 years. This is the 8th summer of the program. The program is run in cooperation with SURCO, an NGO in Oaxaca.

Dates: May 30-July 2, 2017
Subject Areas: Medical Anthropology, Pre-medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, Latino and Latin American Studies
Languages of Instruction: English, Spanish
Credits: 6 (Medical Anthropology of Mexico, Medical Spanish)
Housing: Homestay with meals

For more information contact: Prof. Peter Guarnaccia To register and for more information, including student blogs from previous summers, go to and search for the Oaxaca program.