Congratulations, 2012 SMA Award Winners!

At the AAA Annual Meeting, the SMA recognized medical anthropologists who inform and inspire us with their insightful writing, dedicated teaching and tireless service to the field.

  • SMA Career Achievement Award: Robert Hahn (CDC)
  • Eileen Basker Memorial Prize: Carole Browner (UCLA) and Carolyn Sargent (Washington U in St. Louis), eds., Reproduction, Globalization, and the State: New Theoretical and Ethnographic Perspectives
  • Charles Hughes Graduate Student Paper Prize: Daisy Deomampo (CUNY Graduate Center), “Substantiating Kinship in Indian Transnational Surrogacy”
  • Steven Polgar Prize: Cecilia Van Hollen (Syracuse U), “Breast or Bottle? HIV-Positive Women’s Responses to Global Health Policy on Infant Feeding in India,” and Maryna Bazylevych (Luther C), “Vaccination Campaigns in Postsocialist Ukraine: Health Care Provider Navigating Uncertainty”
  • Medical Anthropology Student Association (MASA) Graduate Student Mentoring Award: Peter J .Brown (Emory U)
  • Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Study Group (ADTSG) Graduate Student Paper Prize: Saiba Varma (Cornell U), “Love in the Time of PTSD: Loss, Longing, and Addiction in Kashmir”
  • AIDS and Anthropology Research Group (AARG) Distinguished Service Award: Merrill Singer (U Connecticut)
  • Critical Anthropology of Global Health (CAGH) Rudolf Virchow Awards: Undergraduate Student Paper: Victoria Koski-Karrell (Cambridge Health Alliance), “Knowledges of the Unknown: Living with (Bad) Cholera in North Haiti”; Graduate Student Paper:  Nora J. Kenworthy (Columbia U), “The Body Sac(RED): Public Treatment and Private Interests in Lesotho’s Transnational Garment Sector”; Professional Paper: Sarah Willen (U Connecticut), “Do ‘Illegal’ Migrants Have a ‘Right to Health’? Engaging Ethical Theory as Social Practice at a Tel Aviv Open Clinic”
  • Science, Technology and Medicine (STM) Graduate Student Paper Prize: Natalie Porter (U Oxford), “Bird Flu Biopower: Strategies for Multispecies Coexistence in Viet Nam”
  • Council for Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR) Most Notable Recent Collection Award: Carole Browner (UCLA) and Carolyn Sargent (Washington U in St. Louis), eds.,  Reproduction, Globalization, and the State: New Theoretical and Ethnographic Perspectives; and Daphna Birenbaum-Carmeli (U Haifa) and Marcia Inhorn (Yale U), eds., Assisting Reproduction, Testing Genes: Global Encounters with New Biotechnologies
  • Council for Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR) Graduate Student Paper Prize: Kathryn Goldfarb (Harvard U) for “Replacement and Remediation: Loss and the Pleasures of the Genealogical”