Comments Invited on Preliminary Policy Statement drafted by CAR

New Council of Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR) Policy Statement on Safe Abortion Care

July 28, 2014

The Council on Anthropology and Reproduction (CAR) interest group within the Society for Medical Anthropology (SMA) seeks to ensure that anthropologists have a voice in public conversations about reproductive and sexual rights and health.

The CAR Advocacy Committee announces that a preliminary policy statement opposing legislative barriers to safe abortion care is now publicly available for comment on the SMA website. The statement’s primary goal is to highlight the rapid increase in legislation abortion access in the U.S., as well the ways in which these laws disproportionately affect low-income and minority women and communities.

This is just the first step of the process. All are invited to read the statement and to leave comments, ideas, and suggestions through August 29, 2014. Elise Andaya, co-chair of CAR’s Advocacy Committee can also be reached by email at

Read the Statement Here.