CfP: Language and Global Health

Panel for the Society for Linguistic Anthropology Spring Conference, Boulder, CO, April 2-5, 2020

This panel will explore the communicative processes through which the field of global health is defined, valued, and materialized, examining how these processes intersect with, reproduce, or transform existing health/communicative inequities. We are particularly interested in topics such as: translation, code-switching, and substitution in global health talk; language, social identity, and the constitution and maintenance of institutions and institutional norms; mediatization and its consequences in global health discourses; the communicative constitution of global health ethico-moral frameworks; and the communicative processes uses to position global health as a distinct spatio-temporal, moral, and professional domain. More broadly, this panel will engage and contribute to an innovative body of research at the intersection of linguistic and medical anthropology. Other related paper topics are also welcome. If you are interested in participating, please email a paper proposal of less than 250 words to Steven Black ( and Betsey Brada ( by November 20, 2019.