Job posting: Medical Anthropologist TT job opening at Washington State U

Dear fellow Medical Anthropologists,    Washington State University wants to hire a tenure-track medical anthropologist, perhaps like yourself or someone you know! Rather than calling for a “medical anthropologist” per se, the ad (aiming at maximum breadth) calls for a “cultural anthropologist with a health focus” so, some medical anthropologists may have missed it. (Here, “cultural” aims … Read More

Job posting: Recruiting two tenured scholars

Dear colleagues: Please see the links below for two tenured positions we are recruiting for at the University of California, Riverside: one is for the proposed Department of Society, Environment, and Health Equity and the other is for our newly approved Department of Black Study. I am Chairing the first search and happy to field … Read More

Upcoming in the SMA!

(1) SMA Business Meeting. Virtual meeting Friday 11/4, 11a-1p EST. Learn our latest news, hear reports from SMA Committee Chairs, and share your views. Pre-registration required at (2) Sessions at the AAA’s. SMA’s Program Chair for the AAA is pleased to announce the following Invited and Co-Sponsored Events at the SMA: One Invited Oral Presentation Session (IP): “Black Feminist … Read More