Steven Polgar Professional Paper Prize

Past Prize Recipients[i]

Mette Svendsen

Nora Kenworthy (University of Washington)
“A Manufactu(RED) Ethics: Labor, HIV, and the Body in Lesotho’s “Sweat-free” Garment Industry”

Jean Hunleth (Washington University)
“Children’s Roles in Tuberculosis Treatment Regimes: Constructing Childhood and Kinship in Urban Zambia”

Elizabeth Krause (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
“They Just Happened: The Curious Case of the Unplanned Baby, Italian Low Fertility, and the End of Rationality”

Cecilia Van Hollen
“Breast or Bottle? HIV-Positive Women’s Responses to Global Health Policy on Infant Feeding in India”

Maryna Bazylevych
“Vaccination Campaigns in Postsocialist Ukraine: Health Care Provider Navigating Uncertainty”

Sarah Horton and Judith Barker
“Stigmatized Biologies: Cumulative Effects of Oral Health Disparities for Mex-Am Farmworker Children”

Marja-Liisa Honkasalo
“Grips and Ties: Agency, Uncertainty and the Problem of Suffering”

Melissa Park
“Making Scenes: Imaginative Practices of a Child with Autism in a Sensory Integration-Based Therapy Session”

Honorable Mention: Paul Brodwin
“The Coproduction of Moral Discourse in U.S. Community Psychiatry”

Kate Wood, Helen Lambert, and Rachel Jewkes
“Showing Roughness in a Beautiful Way: Talk About Love, Coercion and Rape in South African Youth Sexual Culture”

Robin Root
“‘Mixing’ as an Ethnoetiology of HIV/AIDS in Malaysia’s Multinational Factories”

Vincanne Adams and co-authors Suellen Miller, Sienna Craig, Nyima, Sonam, Droyoung, Lhakpen, & Michael Varner
“The Challenge of CrossCultural Clinical Trials Research: Case Report from the Tibetan Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China”

Michelle Rivkin-Fish
“‘Change Yourself and the Whole World Will Become Kinder’: Russian Activists for Reproductive Health and the Limits of Claims Making for Women”

Charles Briggs
“Why Nation-States and Journalists Can’t Teach People to be Healthy: Power and Pragmatic Miscalculation in Public Discourses on Health”

James Pfeiffer
“African Independent Churches in Mozambique: Healing the Afflictions of Inequality”

Kenyon Stebbins
“Going like Gangbusters: Transnational Tobacco Companies “making a killing” in South America”

Arushi Sinha
“An Overview of Telemedicine, The Virtual Gaze of Health Care in the Next Century”


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