SMA Student Travel Awards For Travel Expense to AAA Meetings

Past Prize Recipients[i]


Elsabe du Plessis (University of Manitoba)
“The Performativity of Quantitative Data Collection on a Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health and Nutrition Intervention in Eastern Africa.”

Julie Johnson Searcy (Indiana University)
“Our Grandmothers Didn’t Have the Diseases We Do: Prenatal Care, HIV Testing and Gender in South Africa.”

 Anne Montgomery (Columbia University)
“‘Let Sleeping Camels Lie’: Negotiating Islam, HIV Risk, and Social Change in Morocco.”

 Jessica Newman (Yale University)
“Producing ‘Problem Women’: Social Worker Frustration in Single Mother and HIV/AIDS NGOs in Morocco.”

 Aidan Seale-Feldman (UCLA)
“Transient, Accidental, Improvised: Psychosocial Care in Post-Disaster Nepal.”



Livia Garofalo (Northwestern University)
“The Brains Behind the Documents: Traumatic Brain Injury as a Diagnostic and Bureaucratic Artifact”

Alice Larotonda (Brown University)
“Infant Nutrition and Hygiene in Cabo Verde: the Construction of ‘Best’ Practices of Infant Care”

Daniella Santoro (Tulane University)
Roundtable: “Black Bodies Matter”- sponsored by MASA

Elyse Singer (Washington University in St. Louis)
“Reproducing Responsibility: Examining Reproductive Citizenship in Mexico City’s new public abortion program”

Adrienne Strong (Washington University in St. Louis)
“Tell them We’re Like Malnourished Children: Health Facility working conditions, The Struggle for Life, and the Problem of Maternal Death in Rukwa, Tanzania”



Anna Ruddock (Kings College London)
“Producing Medical Citizenship at the AIIMS (India)”

Danya Glabau (Cornell University)
“The Moral Life of Epinephrine”

Jocelyn Kilmer (Syracuse University)
“Reluctant Villagers: Young Urban Doctors in Rural North India”

Lily Shapiro (University of Washington)
“Visiting Surgeons, Indian Roads, and Medicalizing Risk”

Zakea Boeger (University of Hawai’i Manoa)
“The Promiscuity Vaccine: Biomedical Hegemony in Human HPV Vaccines and Education


[i] We are still compiling records. We have incomplete information for some recipients and incomplete records prior to 2014. If you have corrections or additional information to offer please contact us at