Rivers Undergraduate Paper Prize

Past Prize Recipients[i]


Jessica L. Ding, Harvard College: “Negotiating Doctor-Patient Relationships: Lessons for Caregiving from Integrative Medicine in Shanghai, China”. Advisors: Joseph P. Gone & Arthur M. Kleinman, Department of Anthropology, Harvard University


The 2019 winner is Natalie Nogueira (Harvard College) for her paper “The Pharmaceuticalization of Therapeutic Jurisprudence”


Taylor Silverman, “Timing Illness: Physician and Patient Perspectives on Movement Disorder Trajectories”


Ann Soliman, “Cultural Barriers Related to Late-Stage Presentation of Breast Cancer in Morocco”

Hanna Amanuel, Honorable Mention, “”Morir en Camino”: How women’s narratives can inform a rights-based approach to obstetric health care in rural Chiapas”


Anna Wates (Oxford University), “Interdependence in a Ghanaian Community: Negotiating Disability as Subjectivity”


Shannon Ward, “Narrative, Embodiment, and Choice: Identity, Reproduction, and Abortion”


Alex Gertner, “The Limitations of a Biomedical Understanding of Health in the Conception and Implementation of Housing as a Structural Intervention for HIV/AIDS in New York City”


Irit Rasooly, “Planting Healthy Stores in Food Deserts: An Anthropological Study of Obesity, Consumption, and Public Health in East Baltimore”


Hayder Al-Mohammad, “Excremental Encounters: The Case of Basra and the Anthropology of Excrement”


Amy Saltzman, “Postpartum Cases: Tadoka and Mental Health”


Tiffany Star Behringer, “Changing Paradigms of the One Child Policy: Exploring the Cultural Model of Reproduction and Gender Role of Chinese Immigrant Women”


Jennifer Staple, “Forging Activist Identities in the Kalaupapa Community of Leprosy Patients”


Sunita Puri, “Immigration, Isolation, and (Community) Identity”

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[i] We are still compiling records. We have incomplete information for some recipients and incomplete records prior to 2012. If you have corrections or additional information to offer please contact us at webmaster@medanthro.net