Medical Anthropologist Margaret Mead Award winners

Past Prize Recipients[i]

2014 Seth Holmes

2013 Sera Young

2012 Erin Finley

2011 Frances Norwood

2007 João Biehl

2001 Mimi Nichter

1999 Paul Farmer

1997 Philippe Bourgois

1993 Leo Chavez

1990 Wenda Ruth Trevathan

1989 Mark Nichter

1987 Myra Bluebond-Langner

1986 Jill E Korbin

1985 Susan C M Scrimshaw

1984 Sue E Estroff

1981 Nancy Scheper-Hughes

1980 Brigitte Jordan


[i] We are still compiling records. We have incomplete information for some recipients and incomplete records prior to 2012. If you have corrections or additional information to offer please contact us at