2021 SMA Fall Awards Schedule Set

Dear SMA members,

I hope that you are well.
The count-down to the SMA-AAA meeting is moving along, and your hard-working Executive Board Members, editors, staff, volunteers, committee members, and SIG chairs are in full swing in getting things ready. I would like to provide you with the schedule for our virtual SMA events, which will take place prior to the in-person meeting. Even as we encourage you to register for the Annual Meeting, I am pleased to say that participating in these two events will not require AAA Annual Meeting registration. They are:

2 November (Tuesday) 12:00-1:30PM ET: Business Meeting
3 November (Wednesday) 12:00-1:30PM ET: Awards Ceremony
Chair Erin Koch and the other members of the SMA/AAA Annual Meeting Program Committee have been working hard, and I am sure that they will have a robust set of both virtual and in-person sessions elegantly scheduled for the Meeting. Erin will provide us more details in her contribution to Second Opinion, which will be coming out in early October, so please stay tuned.

With best wishes,

Charles L. Briggs

SMA President