2016 SMA Prize Competitions

For 2017 Prizes, visit:  https://medanthro.net/2017-sma-prize-competitions/

Dear SMA Members:

We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Prize Season has begun!

Below you will find a list of this year’s competitions and links to the appropriate websites detailing qualifying criteria and submission instructions. Note that several of SMA’s prizes rotate (by even or odd years, for example); if you don’t see one listed here, this is because it’s in an “off” year. Here is a link to the general SMA prize webpage (with individual links to all competitions): https://medanthro.net/about/sma-awards/.

Note that JULY 1 is the deadline for nearly all prize submissions, with the exception of Student Travel Awards (September 24) and various awards through SMA Special Interest Groups (SIGS), which oversee their own awards. Prizes will be announced at the SMA awards ceremony during the 2016 AAA Annual meetings in Minneapolis.

Please take a moment to read through the list below—established scholars, undergraduates, and graduate students qualify for various competitions. We ask that you help us disseminate this announcement to all whom you think might be interested in submitting a nomination or forwarding materials for consideration.

Thank you—the members of the prize committees look forward to hearing from you!

L. Sharp

The Eileen Basker Memorial Prize (chair: Janelle Taylor, jstaylor@uw.edu) – awarded for a significant contribution to excellence in research on gender and health by scholars from any discipline or nation, for a specific book, article, film or exceptional PhD thesis produced within the preceding three years. The prizes carries a $1000 cash award. Deadline: July 1. https://medanthro.net/about/sma-awards/ileen-basker-memorial-prize/

Steven Polgar Prize (chair: Lesley Sharp, lsharp@barnard.edu) – awarded to a medical anthropologist for the best paper published in the SMA’s flagship journal Medical Anthropology Quarterly (MAQ) during the most recent complete volume year, and carries a $250 cash award. No nominations are needed, as articles published in MAQ by eligible recipients are automatically considered. Deadline: July 1. https://medanthro.net/about/sma-awards/polgar/

The Charles Hughes Graduate Student Paper Prize (chair: Lesley Sharp, lsharp@barnard.edu) – given for the best paper in medical anthropology written by a graduate student. The Prize carries a $250 cash award. Medical Anthropology Quarterly (MAQ) has the right of first refusal on winning manuscripts. Deadline: July 1. https://medanthro.net/about/sma-awards/polgar-hughes-and-rivers-paper-prize-competitions/

The Career Achievement Award (chair: James Pfeiffer, jamespf@u.washington.edu) – honors an individual who has advanced the field of medical anthropology through career-long contributions to theory or method, and who has been successful in communicating the relevance of medical anthropology to broader publics. Candidates for this award should be senior scholars, typically those who are retiring, or have achieved emeritus status, or have passed the age of 65. The prize carries a $500 cash award. Deadline: July 1. https://medanthro.net/about/sma-awards/career-achievement-award/

MASA (Medical Anthropology Students Association) Mentorship Award (chair: Jonathan Stillo, jstillo@gmail.com) – recognizes excellence in graduate student mentorship, and is aimed at senior or mid-career scholars who have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to teaching and mentorship throughout their careers, particularly those who have taken the time to successfully guide their MA and PhD students through fieldwork and the thesis or dissertation writing process. Deadline: July 1. https://medanthro.net/about/sma-awards/masa-annual-graduate-student-mentor-award/

Student Travel Awards (chair: Alexander Roedlach, roedlach@creighton.edu) – travel support for five SMA graduate students whose paper or poster abstracts are accepted to the AAA annual meetings. A check of $500 is awarded at the SMA meeting at the AAA. Eligibility restricted to SMA student members. Deadline: September 24. For details see: https://medanthro.net/about/sma-awards/aaa-conference-student-travel-awards/

SMA Special Interest Group (SIG) Awards (coordinator, Catie Willging, cwillging@pire.org)– A variety of SIGS oversee a range of competitions. These include awards for undergraduate and graduate student essays, travel reimbursement, and books. NOTE that deadlines vary. Watch your email and the SMA Webpage for future updates on these competitions.